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Hiring an SEO Company for your Business in Austin

Austin residents desiring to improve their online presence in the local Austin search market should consider hiring a local Austin SEO Company for their search engine optimization needs. An Austin, based agency is more likely to understand what online platforms are the most effective for increasing your websites online presence locally in the Austin area. Additionally, hiring locally also puts revenue back in the Austin, TX area and allows for slow steady growth of businesses located there. Furthermore, a one-on-one meeting can be scheduled so you can discuss your website goals, where you and the SEO agency will be able to clearly identify what direction to take to accomplish these goals.

Website Goals

Customer’s often say they want to increase online revenue, they want their site to be more profitable, but in order to make your website more profitable you site will first need to be analyzed by a competent SEO expert to see where improvements can be made. Sometimes these improvements require minor changes to be made to your site, but sometimes a major website overhaul is needed. In either case it is better to allow the experts to give you a hand in this department. An Austin SEO Company can help make these suggestions to you.

What Changes Need to Be Made?

The best approach to initiate SEO tasks on your website is to start from the top down, focus on internal goals such as on page optimization and then expand outward to reach for external goals such as building links, increasing social presence through interaction on the social media sites, in addition to some video content creation and distribution to the major video networks.

On-Page Optimization

Starting at the top with on-page optimization means making sure each and every page of your website has a proper title, uses heading tags 1-6 with emphasis on tags 1-3, uses that pages primary keyword appropriately in the first paragraph and then sparingly throughout the rest of the body of the article. It can also help to name or rename the main image associated with the article after the keyword you are targeting in the search engines. Once again your local Austin SEO company can assist you with these tasks to ensure that they are done right.

Behind the Scenes

Some things happen behind the scenes and are only visible to search engines and to viewers who are searching for a particular keyword phrase such as one that could potentially bring them to your product or service. The results displayed are called SERPS or search engine results pages. These page results are important because they provide searchers with an opportunity to discover your business. The search results pages contain a list of websites, all with a short description describing their products or services. Ideally your website should appear in these results, showcasing your company’s products and services, so people will be attracted to your business.

The description is critical because it helps a potential customer decide which web site they should visit. This description is called a META Description. This description should accurately describe your company’s products and / or services and should compel them to click through to your site. Other META tags that should be filled out by an SEO expert include the META Title, not to be confused with the page title as the two titles, although similar; can be different while targeting the same keyword phrase. Furthermore, a handful of keywords should be placed in the META Keywords tag as some search engines still use this tag.

Off-Page SEO

Now that all of the on-page SEO has been carried out it is time to implement the off-page SEO strategies that will steadily increase traffic and improve your website’s conversions. These strategies focus on things such as one-way link building, a necessary component to improve your sites visibility in the search engine results pages. One-way links can be obtained using a variety of methods, such as blog commenting, forum posting, directory submissions, video content creation, etc. Be sure to steer clear of any automation software while completing these tasks or you may find that your online presence will be negatively impacted by these black hat tactics.


When looking to improve your website’s online presence locally, nationally or even globally, a local Austin SEO company can help you reach these goals. Not only can they give you expert advice regarding on-page, behind the scenes and off-page SEO strategies, they can also carry them out for you, thus ensuring that each task is done correctly and is on par with current industry standards. Once all of these SEO strategies are put in place you will be well on your way to reaching the goals you have established for your website.


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