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Our Services are not for every company

We are passionate about working with businesses to help them improve their Search Engine Optimization, but unfortunately we are not able to help everyone. We take great care in selecting the companies we work with because we are only able to deliver our expertise to a small quantity of businesses. This approach guarantees that your business will be given the maximum amount of attention necessary in order to accomplish you SEO and marketing goals.

To work with us you must:

1. An existing business actively marketing their products and services. We work with businesses that have launched their products and have begun marketing activities and wish to improve the ROI, gain more customers and become a more dominating pressence in their market.

At this time we do not accept clients from the following niches:

Porn or Adult sites
Get rich quick
Online pharmacies

2. Ongoing Lead generation campaign. You are already generating leads for your business and selling your company’s products and known in your market. Our goal is not to reinvent the wheel, but to improve and maximize what you’re already doing.

3. Good Company Reputation. We will work with you to improve your company image and onine reputation, but you must already have positive reviews and feedback from current and past clients/customers

4. Solid Product or Service. We value our reputation and simply will not promote any product or service that is not beneficial to customers and the market place. We work with you in a synergistic way so it’s crucial that your product or service is good, ethical and promotes goodwill in your market.

If after reviewing the above requirements you’re interested in speaking with us in order to take your business to the next level, it will be our pleasure to have a discussion with you. This is how we move forward. The first thing is to fill out the Discovery form below.

This is not a contract or a request for any personal info. We simply need to know a small bit of information about your business products, what you’re selling and what some of your goals are…We use the information to develop a customized plan to deliver the results you want. Your initial consultation will be 45 to 60 minutes.


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