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Broaden Your Company Exposure

Provide your company the direct exposure it is entitled to by taking over the first page of Google

Expand Client Base

our Techniques and strategies are designed to attract more potential clients to your site, offers, and services as well as improve your online reputation.

Grow Your Income

Your business increases from a steady in flux of clients or queries who are eager to buy what you offer.


We are incredibly competent and clever at SEO, but we don’t claim to know it all. That’s why we are members of some of the best SEO mastermind groups in the world. We are constantly learning from other experts and implementing new strategies as we improve our knowledge base.

Return On Investment

Make your marketing dollars go a long way. Our SEO is designed to bring back more than double your investment. Our service is reasonably priced so that you make a profit from just a few sales.

A Partnership

You will develop a personal relationship with our team. You will be able to contact us at any time to answer questions or to clarify any issues that may arise. You will have personal contact information of each memmber of our team that handles your account.


We provide you with detailed reports of all activities we are engaged in on your behalf. We keep you updated where your website is ranked, what needs to be done to improve and dominate the competition.

Why Do You Need An SEO Expert?

If your site is not among the top 10 rankings on the first page of Google for the search terms relevant to your business then you’re not making as much money as you can, and you are losing business to your competitors.

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Brand Building

Need to build your brand online, boost the ranking or popularity of your website, or launch a new pay per click marketing campaign? Maybe your existing marketing efforts are not providing the return you expected.  Whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish we have solid strategies that work.

No Hassle Contracts

You’re not obligated to pay for services you don’t need or want. If at any time you choose not to continue working with us you can end the collaboration. You’re not locked into a contract.

Take over Google

It’s no longer enough to simply be on the first page of google. Think of each listing on the first page of google as real estate and your goal is to acquire as much of the land as possible. Our strategies are designed to help you take control of as many “lots” as possible

Reputation Marketing

Most businesses are not aware of what is being said about them online or how to influence what is being said. We have strategies in place to make sure your business secures a 5 star online reputation and most importantly to keep it that way.

Work done in House

We do all the work ourselves. We have the staff needed to provide all the services and we do not outsource any tasks or client information.

Social Proof Marketing

Social proof is the new word of mouth marketing. We create strategies for your company to maximize your exposure and turn your social pressence into dollars.




Off page SEO

We implement safe white hat techniques to boost your website rankings. Our goal is to go beyond simply gaining the number one ranking but to gain as many first page rankings as possible. Studies have shown that people actually ignore the number one ranking and click on the second or third ranking more than the first. This is why our goal is for you to dominate as many spots as possible on the first page.


On page SEO

We optimize your web pages in order to boost the organic traffic to your website. We drill down from your home page and really target your ideal visitor based on specific search terms and relevant information and products on your site. We ensure that your site is structured properly and protected against any search engine algorithym update.

Applying SEO principles to your website brings obvious benefits to your business. Primarily, SEO drives traffic to your site and expands your exposure online. Needless to say that SEO is now a widely accepted necessity in order for a venture to be a success. Another way to boost SEO techniques and increase traffic is through blogging. Notice how popular websites incorporate blogs that contain quality and well-written posts. As a Salt Lake City SEO Firm, we consistently employ blogging in our website optimization strategies.

Why is blogging beneficial to SEO efforts?

The first reason for having your own blog is you have control over the output of your site and the message you want to get across. You also get to choose which keywords and links to use.

Having a blog adds variety to your web content. Standard web content can only accommodate a few topics and ideas. More often than not, it does not cover all the other questions that site visitors might have. A blog solves this problem. It gives users a reason to return to your site. Blog contents can include how-to posts, and advice that give value to your audience. Your blog posts can answer questions that most people search for, and hence increases the number of clicks to your website.

A blog creates backlinks and outgoing links, which are key components to having an increased search ranking. The more the backlinks, the more valuable a website appears. Search engines will not consider websites with no backlinks. Of course, it’s not always about quantity but also the quality of the sites where the links came from. Blog posts provide excellent opportunities to generate backlinks, such as posts shared by audiences in social media sites. Posts with more shares also give you an insight on the preferences of your market.

Blog posts are considered as individual indexed pages if they are found to be of quality by Google bots. Pages that are added to the searchable index are the ones that become searchable. Though having a higher number of indexed pages does not correlate with higher search ranking, you can expect more traffic coming in from Google search.

Blogs enable you to link to your website with the right anchor text. Because you publish a lot of content, you can opt to not link some of your posts; while others can link to your website using specific anchor texts with effective keywords. Linking one post to other pages on your website is called internal linking. They are useful for SEO because it increases the ranking power of your site.

New content lets search engine bots stay on your site longer. Fresh and original content also encourages audience to visit your site regularly. Content nowadays go beyond just paragraphed texts; you can now include images, videos, tools and plugins.

Creating a blog promotes active participation from your audience. When you have features that allow comments, it opens up the possibility of interaction between different people who are following your blog.  Sites that have an active blog interaction somehow gain incentives in terms of ranking. Similarly, active blog followers can spread the word by mentioning your post in forums or in their own blogs.

What is Needed to Start Blogging?

The most important quality you would need to jump start your blog is commitment. You should be able to consistently create content at least once a week; three to four times a week is the ideal frequency. If you’re preoccupied to do it, hire someone to write content for you. Plan on how to organize your content into categories. The fewer the better. Also plan ahead on what topics you want to post. Posts will also have more impact if you combine it with images and videos.

It’s Not Always About SEO

Having a blog connects you with your target audience. It brings in a sizeable amount of traffic to your site and possibly bring in traffic that have higher chances of becoming leads. This traffic though does not always come from search engine results. Blogs can attract audience following and improved web presence through RSS.

As experts in SEO, we still look at the big picture in terms of how overall marketing affects your branding and online reputation. We believe that blogs are invaluable to your marketing campaign and search engine ranking.

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